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Study Visa

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    • Inclusions
    • Admission Counseling
    • Multiple University Applications Included
    • High Acceptance Rate
    • University Admission
    • Application Form
    • Application Fee Payment
    • Document Submission
    • Offer Letter
    • Pay Directly to University, In case of visa rejection get money back in your account after minimal deduction.
    • LOA
    • Assistance in Tution Fee and GIC Remmitance
    • Visa Application Preparation & Submission
    • Departure Support
    • Course Registration Support
    • Medical Examination Appointment Booking Assistance
    • Biometric Appointment Assistance
    • Resume Build-up Support where applicable
    • Reference Letters Templates Provided
    • Consultant Submission Letter Provided
    • IELTS Guidance - Exam Booking and Coaching
    • Do's & Don’t's
    • Do not complete your program in an accelerated manner if it is not deemed to be eligible
    • Do not drive under the influence of any drugs or Alcohol as it has serious implications on your current and future status in Canada.
    • Do not drive on suspended license as it can lead to criminal suspensions.
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